Planning, marketing and communication strategies

Introduction to the commercial strategic development for luthiers, a very important part in the success of the business, often forgotten by the craftsmen.

Guitar making introduction

It covers the foundational bases of the construction of acoustic and electric guitars, contemplating the building methods of each model, creating a first approach to the craft of guitar making.

Investigation, design and programs applied to guitar making

Research methods and reverse engineering, basic notions of designing guitars and related instruments are discussed, and the use of software is encouraged to speed up the production of plans, molds and templates necessary for production.

Cutting Tools

The different cutting tools used for the musical instruments building are classified, differentiating the manual ones from those used with machinery. And the importance of a correct set-up is reported, and the risks of not doing it are highlighted.

Applied metrology

Magnitude measurement systems and the classification of Measurement Instruments are addressed in a very simple way.


A solid introduction to the world of glues, their options and applications in guitar making.

Paints and finishes

All the coatings used for protection and embellishment of musical instruments -industrial and artisanal- and their techniques are described.

Wood technology

Bases of technological knowledge of wood applied to build musical instruments. Understanding and allowing to take advantage of the properties of the material according to its use and needs.

Soundboard design

Knowing the concepts of guitar acoustics, the design of soundboards is deepened, transmitting the possibility of having control of sound.

Guitar acoustics

Based on the knowledge of elementary acoustics, an improvement is offered with a focus on the acoustics of guitars and similar instruments, obtaining a general panorama that allows dimensioning the possibilities and limitations of each instrument.

Elementary acoustics

A seminar where the phenomenon of sound operation is understood in a simple way, from the source of emission to the ear that receives it, as an introduction to physics applied to sound.

Musical instrument care, maintenance and repair

Methods of care and protection of instruments, and maintenance techniques accessible to all musicians are offered. Knowledge is provided to understand and control the quality of the maintenance and repair work that a technician could perform, if required.

Vintage guitars identification

Analysis of instruments well valued by the collecting market, through the identification systems used by the brands, and technical information of each manufacturer that allows defining the degree of originality and production date.

Guitar history

A chronological journey from the origins of plucked string musical instruments to the present day, where the most outstanding historical facts, recognized builders and influential musicians are reviewed.

Recommendations for choosing and buying guitars

Especially oriented to the musician who needs to change his instrument, a comparison between industrial and artisanal production is developed, highlighting the virtues and defects of each case. The selection criteria are broadened and deepened, demystifying erroneous situations of popular knowledge.

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