How long does it take to build a guitar?

It depends on many factors such as the type of guitar and its complexity, the speed of learning or work of each student, the facility related to manual work, or previous experience and time allocated to the course. Studying once a week in the regular course modality, it can take approximately 1 to 2 years. And attending an everyday individual (five hours minimum) class, could take approximately 1 to 2 months.

What is the price of woods and accessories?

It will depend on the guitar to build. There is a wide variety of materials that fulfill the basic functions, and the offer is greatly expanded when luxurious materials are considered. In the first interview, the students are guided according to the project they wish to undertake, and an estimated cost calculation is made.

Can I attend several times per week?

Yes, you can attend several times per week, as long as vacancies are available, and paying the corresponding costs.

Are the classes that fall on the holidays recovered?

Classes are not held on holidays. The school ensures 4 monthly classes. When the month has 5 weeks, the 5th class is not charged extra. Holidays are compensated with these classes.

Does the course include the tools to build?

Yes, all the necessary tools are in the school.

How many students at the same time are there?

The groups are of 6 and 8 vacancies.

Are theoretical and practical classes taught?

The classes are mainly practical and during them, different theoretical topics are addressed anticipating the tasks to be carried out, or on demand according to the concerns presented by the students.

Does the school issue an official title at the end of the course?

The school issues a certificate of attendance to the course. It does not confer an official title. At least in Argentina it doesn’t necessary for work professionally.

Is the registration renewed every year?

No, you pay only once when you start the course. It can be paid in 3 installments.

Does the school have reading material available for the students?

Yes, the school has a library with specialized in guitar making and related titles. It can be consulted by students and used during classes. They cannot be removed from school.

Does the school have a program?

Yes, it offers different study plans and course modalities, so each student can choose according to their interests.

Can you build the guitar or musical instrument you want?

Yes, there is a program called “Monitoring and guiding productive projects” especially for those cases. The project must be agreed with the school director.

What are the common payment methods?

You can pay in cash or by bank transfer. In particular with foreign students we arrange payment conditions individually.

At what age can someone start a course?

The minimum age of starting a course is 18 years old.

How is the enrollment process?

We suggest attend a class to get rid of doubts and evaluate the projects thinking in time, money and level of learning. In the case of start, personal data is taken and the course begins.

Can I attend a class?

Yes, we always suggest to do it to get rid of doubts and get to know each other.

Does the school have safety and security measures?

Yes, classes are very controlled by teachers as regards health and safety, and there are security elements.

Are the woods and accessories provided by the school?

No, the student experiences the selection and purchase of materials as an important part of the learning process. In one of the first classes, we guide the students on how to buy, providing a list of suppliers of woods and accessories. Once chosen and purchased, it piece is supervised by the teacher before being used.

Is the school open all year?

On January the school are closed. Class’s calendar begins in February and ends in December.

Is it necessary to have previous knowledge to be able to take a course?

No, anyone can take a course, whether or not they have prior knowledge. Having some sort of previous experience may will help you to speed up the building and learning process.

Can I attend more than one class per week?

Yes, you can attend various times depending on the vacancies available. In that case, more than one vacancy will be filled, so you increase your fee payment. Double enrollment will not be paid.

Does the school hold classes on Saturdays?

Yes, but non regular courses, we offer only special courses with defined dates.

Are there registration dates to start the courses?

No, you can start at any time of the year depending on the vacancies available.

Can classes be recovered?

Yes, classes can be recovered if you give us prior notice and there are vacancies available at other times.

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