Origin of electrical circuits in plucked string instruments. Basic notions of electricity. Components of a circuit and their functions. Tools needed. Elementary measurements. Welding technique. Faraday cage (shielding). Installation of circuits in acoustic guitars and electric solid and hollow body musical instruments. Diagrams of the most recognized instruments. Common problems and their solutions.

General information

Goals. The main objective is educational, theoretical and practical knowledge is provided to develop basic skills to design and make electrical circuits in guitars (classic, electric, flattop, archtop, bases, Latin American folk ones…).

Recipients. All those people over 18 years old who wish to learn guitar making and develop it professionally. It is not necessary to have previous experience in the field or to have knowledge of music.

Course modality. Intensive and group course of 8 hours in one day.

We have a work space with all the appropriate comfort, lighting and safety conditions, in a workshop equipped with the necessary machines and tools to carry out the guitar buildings.

Materials. We recommend to bring the components (they will be defined with each student) to make a complete circuit, or an instrument that requires modifications in its electronics to work during the course. (If not available, the school will provide practice materials).

Schedule. Circuit courses are scheduled twice a year.