Wood cutting tools, classification. Metals used as edges and their heat treatments. Concepts of granulometry and sharpening. Types of stones and lubricants. Sharpening Machines. Templates and guides for specific edges work. Sharpening techniques for chisels, gouges, knives, scrapers, handsaws, scissors, axes, carving and turning tools, brush blades, circular saws, drill bits, router bits.

General information

Goals. The main objective is educational, theoretical and practical knowledge is provided to develop basic skills to sharpening steel tools for woodworking.

Recipients. All those people over 18 years old who wish to learn sharpening and develop it professionally. It is not necessary to have previous experience in the field.

Course modality. Intensive and group course of 8 hours in one day.

We have a work space with all the appropriate comfort, lighting and safety conditions.

Materials. We recommend to bring some tools to sharpen during the course. (if not available, the school will provide practice materials).

Schedule. Sharpening courses are scheduled twice a year.